Artist’s Release

Artist’s Release for
Awendaw Green and HereMusic.Live


Awendaw Green is building an Musicians Directory online at

We are asking musicians to participate in our directory to expand the reach of local live music to a wider audience.   We are providing an online web presence that includes photos of the musicians, links to events, biographies, and event calendars at no charge to our artists.

To create a directory with the most appeal to our online visitors we are requesting that you opt to participate in the directory.    As part of you agreement to participate we are requesting the following non-exclusive access to digital media:

  1. The right to use still or video images of the group on our web and print properties.

  2. The right to store and present digital copies of both original recordings as well as recordings made by Awendaw Green at live events on our servers.

  3. The right to share details about your group including biographies, event dates, and other relevant information on our website.


By providing digital assets in the form of photos, videos, or digital music recordings you claim to be an authorized agent for these works and wholly own the copyright and publishing rights for the intellectual property being provided.
As our online property is developed we would eventually like to provide the ability for site visitors to listen to your music via video streaming, web streaming, streaming music apps, and music file downloads.

Our intent is to allow you to decide what music you provide at no charge to site visitors via video, download or streaming.   You can request we remove any of the content you have provided at any time.

We hope to develop paid downloads as well as paid streaming services in the future.   You will have input on what to charge for your content and we will compensate you directly for any revenue derived from these services.   We will contact you before providing the ability for visitors to stream or download music for a fee.

Agreement to participate does not prevent you from entering into any other agreements for marketing or selling your music.    Our goal is to provide a no-fee venue to further market your talent and seek out future opportunities to generate income for you by participating in our directory.

Thanks for your consideration.

The Awendaw Green Crew &
Here Music Live Team