Nothing’s Permanent by The Loose Hinges

Our latest addition to the music catalog on HereMusic.Live is up; Nothing’s Permanent by The Loose Hinges.  Enjoy!

Artist: The Loose Hinges
Album: Nothing’s Permanent
Released: 2015
Genre: Rock

American singer-songwriters, The Loose Hinges are more characteristic of Fleetwood Mac than Mazzy Star, yet similar to both. Exuberant eclecticism is the foundation of their roots-based catalog.

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Stop Light Observations Now On Here Music

After a few late nights of hacking code and loading up tracks we’ve managed to get our second artist loaded up on the HereMusic.Live website

Stop Light Observations is the latest addition to the Awendaw Green Musicians Directory.    You can read about the band, find a few of their videos and now, after much hackery, you can play their Radiation album from the website.   We welcome SLO to the directory and can’t wait to get our hands on their latest album to share with their fans and the Awendaw Green community!

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Lord Nelson On HereMusic.Live

Lord Nelson is our first artist that has had a complete portfolio listed on Awendaw Green’s Musicians Directory at HereMusic.Live.  The directory is a new concept that launched this month to help promote musicians that are creating original music.    Musicians that have played at the Awendaw Green Barn Jam or special events around Charleston South Carolina are the first to join the directory but the intent is to open the directory to artists creating and performing their music anywhere in the country.

You can find Lord Nelson’s entry in our directory at HereMusic.Live/directory/artist/lord-nelson.   The initial version of the directory shares their biography, a sample of videos, contact information, links to related sites including their social media accounts, and original music they have provided to be included in the directory.
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HereMusic.Live Awendaw Green Kicks It Up A Notch

HereMusic.Live is a new web presence that features musicians from the Awendaw Green Barn Jam series.   It is another step on the journey to promoting a vibrant live music scene while supporting the artists that make it happen.    The new web presence is being offered to all artists with a special focus on those that have made an appearance on the stage in Awendaw.
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