Lydia Ramsey On HML

The HereMusic.Live Directory underwent some minor updates to get the artists page loader working and we finally got around to adding a new artist.   Our first entry for the Summer 2017 series is Lydia Ramsey.   You can find links to her other websites, some photos our great new intern Samantha took at the Barn Jam and more at the HereMusic.Live page we created for her.

Stay tuned for Samantha’s article about Lydia coming later this month!

Musicians Directory Loads More Artists

The Here Music Live directory has finally been patched and is now loading all artists, events, albums, and other info when clicking “Load More”.      That was a big usability issue for the site and was putting the brakes on adding too many more artists to the directory until we were certain we could fix it.

I was hoping the people I paid good money to for the original “premium” theme would fix the bugs that had been reported.  Three months later it was obvious that wasn’t going to happen. I set aside some time and got it done.    It is not easy working on other people’s code, but the patched are underway and we are good to go.  That is one big benefit of using an open-source system like WordPress for stuff like this!

The other issue was time.  For those of you that don’t know, the HereMusic.Live directory is a volunteer project that I work on when I’m not “paying the bills”.   The “main gig” took a lot longer to clean up and 3 or 4 weeks turned into 3 months.      I’ve have a few extra days during the summer to get things patched up.

Now that we have things patched up it is time to add some more content and get to all those artists we’ve left “in the queue” for far too long.    Once I get a few added I’ll coordinate with our super-cool new intern, Samantha, and start cranking on a bunch of new content.

Who knows, some streaming mobile app goodness might even happen before the year is over!

Thanks for jamming with us!

Hope Griffin on Here Music Live

Our first artist that we’ve managed to get into the directory BEFORE the Barn Jam appearance, Hope Griffin is now part of the Here Music Live family!    Thank you to Hope for sharing her music with us and being part of our project.

You can learn about Hope Griffin, get to the other places where you can find her online, and listen to a couple of tunes online before you come out and see her at the Barn Jam in March.

More artists will be coming online soon as we start clearing out some of our backlog…   Stay tuned!


Stephen Allen On HereMusic.Live

Another day, another addition to our HereMusic.Live Musicans Directory.   Today’s addition is Stephen Allen, a January 2017 Barn Jam artist.   You can catch Stephen playing around Charleston South Carolina on a regular basis over on Folly or Isle of Palms.

About Steve Allen

I started music in the garage band craze of the 70s playing bass, OK maybe late 60s. Back then, garage band meant the band really played in the garage. We named our first band after a town we found by searching the map and spent the next year wondering what we were thinking. Hey, I wish that was the most embarrassing thing I ever did back then. Started playing 6 string in college and really got hooked on acoustic arrangements when three buddies and I won a music contest and got to play on stage at an A&M concert.

Been chasing the sound ever since.

About HereMusic.Live

HereMusic.Live is an online musicians directory with a mission to promote live indie music.   Music is the soundtrack for life.   Unfortunately it is harder than ever for talented musicians to earn a living.   Our online directory is the first step in a long journey toward keeping music alive and making it a profession , not just a hobby, for all the talented people who share their craft with us.

SIRSY Is The Latest Addition To Our Directory

One of the January Barn Jam artists out in Awendaw South Carolina is the latest addition to HereMusic.Live.    If you’ve not heard of SIRSY as a fan of live music, you will.   This duo kills it.    Catch info about them at our new, but fast growing, musicians directory.


SIRSY is a rock and soul duo with lots of pop sensibility  and just the right amount of sass. The Boston Globe sums it up, “Little band. Big Sound.” No more needs to be said. Although the only thing “little” about SIRSY is that there’s just two of them. The rest is bigger than a T-Rex.

Close your eyes and listen to the power and heart in their music and you’ll swear there’s more than two people on stage. It’s crank up the volume, sing along at the top of your lungs music — even when the ballads kick in. Plus, “Their clever, smart songs have more hooks than a tacklebox.” (-Times Union).

About HereMusic.Live

HereMusic.Live is a new directory of musicians that is being built in conjunction with the folks out at Awendaw Green, a live music venue just outside of Charleston South Carolina.   Our goal is to promote artists out there on the road sharing their music with us.   Brand-spanking new as of January 2017, our music directory is growing every week.

Eventually we hope to be a resource not only to find those live bands you fell in love with out at the Barn Jam but anywhere in the world at any local show.    If all goes to plan we hope to build a new streaming music service with fair compensation for our artists.   Stay tuned!

Mark Bryan On Here Music Live

Catch the music and videos of our latest HereMusic.Live addition, Mark Bryan, in our musicians directory.   Connect with Mark or listen to his original 30 On The Rail release in our directory.

About Mark Bryan

Mark received his Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of South Carolina in 1989. He is a founding member, songwriter and the guitar player for multi-platinum Hootie & the Blowfish and has spent the last 25 years recording and touring. He also has two solo albums to his credit.
Since moving to Charleston in 1999, Bryan has produced 5 full-length albums, as well as co-written, and produced countless songs, for other artists. He was also instrumental in founding the College of Charleston Radio Station, and is helping to develop a music industry concentration there.
Recently, Bryan has scored the film WARRIOR ROAD, and produced a television pilot called LIVE AT THE CHARLESTON MUSIC HALL. Mark is also the Chairman of the Board for Carolina Studios, a non-profit after school music recording and technology program for kids 8-18.

About HereMusic.Live

HereMusic.Live has been created to connect people to the music they love.  As we get started with our directory we are seeking artists that are creating their own music and performing live shows on a regular basis.   While our catalog of music grows we hope to expand our services to help connect the artists to the digital world; eventually launching a pay-per-play compensation system that becomes the first fair market for digital streaming.   Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Na’an Stop Is Now On Here Music Live

Na’an Stop is our latest addition to the HereMusic.Live Musicians Directory. You can catch their videos and music, get their site and social media links, and more at the directory.

About Na’an Stop

Na’an Stop is a lifestyle.


This mindset has always lived within the members of Na’an Stop. A love for reggae brought the band together at the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2011, but their diverse influences and personalities are what drive the unique sound that is Na’an Stop. The reggae/rock foundation paves the way for the band’s funk, hip hop, and dub influences that are expressed through harmonious vocals, tasteful horn licks, and fluid guitar play. Their high energy live performances and sold out shows at the world famous Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO have helped them become one of the fastest rising success stories in the Colorado music scene. The release of their first studio album, “From the Deep” and 80 shows from August, 2015 – May, 2016 prove Na’an Stop is ready to make a name for themselves in the national reggae scene. As the group continues to expand their regional and national presence it’s clear that Na’an Stop is on the rise and, true to their name, not slowing down.

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Stop Light Observations Now On Here Music

After a few late nights of hacking code and loading up tracks we’ve managed to get our second artist loaded up on the HereMusic.Live website

Stop Light Observations is the latest addition to the Awendaw Green Musicians Directory.    You can read about the band, find a few of their videos and now, after much hackery, you can play their Radiation album from the website.   We welcome SLO to the directory and can’t wait to get our hands on their latest album to share with their fans and the Awendaw Green community!

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