Musicians Directory Loads More Artists

The Here Music Live directory has finally been patched and is now loading all artists, events, albums, and other info when clicking “Load More”.      That was a big usability issue for the site and was putting the brakes on adding too many more artists to the directory until we were certain we could fix it.

I was hoping the people I paid good money to for the original “premium” theme would fix the bugs that had been reported.  Three months later it was obvious that wasn’t going to happen. I set aside some time and got it done.    It is not easy working on other people’s code, but the patched are underway and we are good to go.  That is one big benefit of using an open-source system like WordPress for stuff like this!

The other issue was time.  For those of you that don’t know, the HereMusic.Live directory is a volunteer project that I work on when I’m not “paying the bills”.   The “main gig” took a lot longer to clean up and 3 or 4 weeks turned into 3 months.      I’ve have a few extra days during the summer to get things patched up.

Now that we have things patched up it is time to add some more content and get to all those artists we’ve left “in the queue” for far too long.    Once I get a few added I’ll coordinate with our super-cool new intern, Samantha, and start cranking on a bunch of new content.

Who knows, some streaming mobile app goodness might even happen before the year is over!

Thanks for jamming with us!