Stephen Allen On HereMusic.Live

Another day, another addition to our HereMusic.Live Musicans Directory.   Today’s addition is Stephen Allen, a January 2017 Barn Jam artist.   You can catch Stephen playing around Charleston South Carolina on a regular basis over on Folly or Isle of Palms.

About Steve Allen

I started music in the garage band craze of the 70s playing bass, OK maybe late 60s. Back then, garage band meant the band really played in the garage. We named our first band after a town we found by searching the map and spent the next year wondering what we were thinking. Hey, I wish that was the most embarrassing thing I ever did back then. Started playing 6 string in college and really got hooked on acoustic arrangements when three buddies and I won a music contest and got to play on stage at an A&M concert.

Been chasing the sound ever since.

About HereMusic.Live

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