SIRSY Is The Latest Addition To Our Directory

One of the January Barn Jam artists out in Awendaw South Carolina is the latest addition to HereMusic.Live.    If you’ve not heard of SIRSY as a fan of live music, you will.   This duo kills it.    Catch info about them at our new, but fast growing, musicians directory.


SIRSY is a rock and soul duo with lots of pop sensibility  and just the right amount of sass. The Boston Globe sums it up, “Little band. Big Sound.” No more needs to be said. Although the only thing “little” about SIRSY is that there’s just two of them. The rest is bigger than a T-Rex.

Close your eyes and listen to the power and heart in their music and you’ll swear there’s more than two people on stage. It’s crank up the volume, sing along at the top of your lungs music — even when the ballads kick in. Plus, “Their clever, smart songs have more hooks than a tacklebox.” (-Times Union).

About HereMusic.Live

HereMusic.Live is a new directory of musicians that is being built in conjunction with the folks out at Awendaw Green, a live music venue just outside of Charleston South Carolina.   Our goal is to promote artists out there on the road sharing their music with us.   Brand-spanking new as of January 2017, our music directory is growing every week.

Eventually we hope to be a resource not only to find those live bands you fell in love with out at the Barn Jam but anywhere in the world at any local show.    If all goes to plan we hope to build a new streaming music service with fair compensation for our artists.   Stay tuned!