Stop Light Observations Now On Here Music

After a few late nights of hacking code and loading up tracks we’ve managed to get our second artist loaded up on the HereMusic.Live website

Stop Light Observations is the latest addition to the Awendaw Green Musicians Directory.    You can read about the band, find a few of their videos and now, after much hackery, you can play their Radiation album from the website.   We welcome SLO to the directory and can’t wait to get our hands on their latest album to share with their fans and the Awendaw Green community!

About SLO

“In the 1930’s, the blues sang the sorrows of a man with nothing,” says John Keith “Cubby” Culbreth, principal songwriter of Stop Light Observations. “This 21st century album, ironically, sings the sorrows of a man with everything. ‘Toogoodoo’ is the ‘Middle Class Blues.’”

For as long as Americans have sought the illusions of comfort and security in materialism and wealth, there have been those who rejected the predictability of conformity in search of something more authentic. From Thoreau at Walden Pond to Jack Kerouac’s manic crosscountry road trips, the quest for fulfillment plays out uniquely in the art of every generation. For Charleston’s Stop Light Observations (aka SLO), the search for something more meaningful led them on a journey through ecstatic highs and crippling lows, artistic triumphs and business setbacks, and, ultimately, right back home to the Toogoodoo River in South Carolina.

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About The Directory

We’re continuing to add musicians to our directory.   We’re starting off slow as we work out the kinks in the software behind the site.  As we go we’re tweaking the user experience and squashing the bugs.    Our goal is to continue to grow the catalog and improve the user experience through an ongoing cycle of discovery, review, and refinement.

Please join us on our journey as we build the future for local live music.