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A few weeks ago I met with Eddie White, the mastermind behind Awendaw Green’s Barn Jam, and several other people from the Charleston Music community.   Over a couple of beers a new idea was born – an online music directory for Awendaw Green.    I went home that night and found myself thinking about the concept.

Giving all the artists from Awendaw Green a standard online directory would be a great way to help the local live music community.   It would allow us to showcase the artists, their music, link to their other online content.    It would also allow us  to start hosting original music provided by the artists.

It could be the first step toward something bigger.  Something I’ve been working on for years.    A streaming license engine that co-exists with existing licensing and tracking systems while creating a new fair-market system that fairly compensates creatives for their work.    When the directory has gathered enough original content we will have the critical mass we need to creating the streaming music apps and stations to launch our pay-per-play streaming service.

In the meantime our first step on that journey is underway.

Come join us on the journey.  Discover some new artists and their music.

I hope you like what we’re building.   If you have some ideas on how we can improve please let me know.

Thanks for reading,
Lance Cleveland

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